SERBIAN STUDIES: Journal of the North American Society for Serbian Studies
Vol. 28 - 2017 - Nos. 1-2

This is the second volume of Serbian Studies dedicated to the life, experience, and contributions—practical and creative—of the Jewish people in Serbia. Their presence on the Balkan Peninsula dates back to Roman times. While the exact time of their arrival in Serbia is not certain, there is firm evidence of their presence during the Middle Ages. Moreover, a significant increase in Jewish population and settlements occurred in the fifteenth century following their expulsion from Spain and Portugal. The history of both Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews in Serbia is lengthy, and their life within Serbian society, especially during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, is well documented. Click here to download the full-text .pdf of this issue.



Miodrag S. Maticki
“Dona’s Set of Dishes”

Ženi Lebl
“Words Fly, the Written Word Stays”

Marjana N. Radovanov Matarić
A Note on Ženi Lebl